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Art is Fun 113

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Recommended for ages 6+

Lessons covered in Art is Fun 113

1: Luck Letters with Gnome

2: Lucky Woodland Creature

3: Mandela Lizard

4: Sloth Mama and Baby

5: Sassy Frog

6: Chick Dressed Up as a Bunny

About the Art is Fun Series

This is a directed drawing course where each video a new drawing will be presented.

 For my drawing courses I teach with a ‘Show, Tell, Demonstrate” approach.

 First showing the students what I’d like them to do on a slide, I then tell them what to draw and where, and finally I demonstrate it on my own drawing.

This allows students to “keep up” and not feel behind as they have the information coming to them 3 ways.

It also allows for multiple learning styles to be successful.

I choose drawings that all levels of artists can confidently complete and encourage creative liberties.

 For example, one week we drew a birdhouse and a bird, students were encouraged to think about where their birdhouse was, if it had a theme, and how they would represent that.

Inspiring creativity not only creates confidence that their ideas are worthy, but it also helps them see value in others’ ideas. 

Class Supplies:

Use whatever you have, the exact products don’t matter so much, here is a basic supply list for all videos.

·       Any type of quality art paper or sketchbook, cardstock (the thicker the paper the better, look for one labeled multi-media) This is my personal favorite, it’s also available in a smaller size.

·       Pencil and rectangle Eraser (I prefer the white erasers)

·       White Gel Pen is helpful for some projects, works as white out as well

·       Ruler and a Circle stencil if you have one (or we can use a paper plate, cup or pen holder when we need it) the set I have

·       Markers, Gel Pens, and or colored pencils my favorite markers

·       Basic watercolor tray of paints and water paint brush pen for some projects, my favorite brushes

·       Extra Fine and Fine Tipped Sharpie or black marker/pen for tracing over our pencil outline before coloring

Studio CIA Teaching Philosophy for Kids


We are our own worst critics.

My goal is to help us take our own art less seriously while also taking art in general more seriously.


Students will learn that growth in a subject matter such as art comes from repetition and breaking larger more complex drawings into simple shapes.

My goal is to always:

·         Increase student’s confidence levels

·         Help them see mistakes happen and can be inspiring sometimes

·         Learn that art is a great relaxation/self-connection activity.



 After just a few short weeks parents often notice a surprising (to them) increase in their student’s art confidence level.

I recently had a 9-year-old student say, "That is cool but looks hard! I wouldn't be surprised to find it easy though! All the art we have made so far has looked hard, but it was actually not hard and fun!"


 This is 100% my goal.


I want to teach my students techniques and drawings that appear hard but are easy enough for them to find success and to have a finished piece they are proud of!


My passion and excitement for art comes out in my teaching. And I love seeing and hearing that passion and excitement burst from my students as they share about their art.


This is not a draw this in this exact way, which is what helps these students be successful. The goal for me is to have no students works of art be identical, I encourage them to change things up and follow their gut.



If you have a student who typically feels they “can’t draw” this is the perfect class for them. By encouraging each student to make the drawing their own it removes the desire for comparison, each finished piece is one of a kind and amazing!



I have been working with students who do not see themselves as artists for the last 10 years and have had these same students, who were forced to attend the class the first session, beg to continue. I am blessed to have many students stay in class for 5+ years as I don’t repeat projects often if at all.


I’d love to have your student join the Studio CIA and create with us!

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Art is Fun 113

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