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Mimic the Masters 103

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Recommended for ages 6+

Artists Covered in Mimic the Masters 103

  1. Kahlo
  2. Rousseau
  3. Delaunay
  4. Chirico
  5. Burch
  6. Rodrigue

About the Mimic the Masters Series

We will look at the art and techniques of a few famous artists and create our own masterpiece by mimicking their techniques.

 Each lesson we will learn a little about a new artist while completing a drawing/art project inspired by their style.

Students are encouraged to take their own creative liberties making their art their very own form of self-expression.


*Scroll Down for an Alphabetical List of Artists Covered in Mimic the Masters Classes

Studio CIA Teaching Philosophy for Kids


We are our own worst critics.

My goal is to help us take our own art less seriously while also taking art in general more seriously.


Students will learn that growth in a subject matter such as art comes from repetition and breaking larger more complex drawings into simple shapes.

My goal is to always:

·         Increase student’s confidence levels

·         Help them see mistakes happen and can be inspiring sometimes

·         Learn that art is a great relaxation/self-connection activity.


After just a few short weeks parents often notice a surprising (to them) increase in their student’s art confidence level.

I recently had a 9-year-old student say, "That is cool but looks hard! I wouldn't be surprised to find it easy though! All the art we have made so far has looked hard, but it was actually not hard and fun!"


 This is 100% my goal.


I want to teach my students techniques and drawings that appear hard but are easy enough for them to find success and to have a finished piece they are proud of!


My passion and excitement for art comes out in my teaching. And I love seeing and hearing that passion and excitement burst from my students as they share about their art.


This is not a draw this in this exact way, which is what helps these students be successful. The goal for me is to have no students works of art be identical, I encourage them to change things up and follow their gut.



If you have a student who typically feels they “can’t draw” this is the perfect class for them. By encouraging each student to make the drawing their own it removes the desire for comparison, each finished piece is one of a kind and amazing!


I have been working with students who do not see themselves as artists for the last 10 years and have had these same students, who were forced to attend the class the first session, beg to continue. I am blessed to have many students stay in class for 5+ years as I don’t repeat projects often if at all.


I’d love to have your student join the Studio CIA and create with us!

*Artists that are covered multiple times have unique projects for each class, allowing students to review their work and style while still creating a brand-new inspired piece.





Dali-102 & 104




Klimt- 101




Mondrain-101 &104








Van Gogh-102


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Mimic the Masters 103

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